Bulk order managment

Automate and accelerate your shop's bulk-ordering process. You don't need to spend hundreds per month hiring a virtual
assistant to click a button hundreds of times per day. One click and all your orders are exported. One click and your tracking 
is imported. This means happy customers, and spending less time and money for you! 


TRACK EXPENSES and progress
Map Mail carriers
to countries
Customizable export
familiar shopify
look and feel

What is DropShop?

DropShop is a bulk order management system built specially for the Shopify E-Commerce platform.

Manage suppliers and bulk orders

We make orders simple

Export customer orders by supplier in bulk to save time and money. DropShop connects directly with Shopify's custom fulfillment services to use the native power of Shopify to manage your suppliers and products.

Manage orders
Order details and tracking upload
track orders and import tracking information

Enhance customer satisfaction

We make it easy to review outstanding orders and track your bulk order expenses. You also no longer need multiple apps to manage your exporting and tracking import process–get tracking information to customers quickly and keep them informed and happy.

Mail carrier mapping schemes

Increase your credibility and trustworthiness

We known it is important to be able to increase the trustworthiness of your store's image: that is why DropShop lets you map destination countries with the mail carrier services that are native to them. 

Mail carrier mapping scheme
Export formats
Fully customizable export formats

Files, how you need them

DropShop exports files to .csv, .xls, and .xlsx in whatever file layout that you need, using all available Shopify order export fields. Need a custom field added to your export file? Let us know, we've got you covered.



"We have been using DropShop on our own dropshipping stores over the past few months and it has saved us hundreds of hours (and dollars) in removing the need to manually place single orders through other app systems. DropShop is an app brought to you by people who understand your business, and what it takes to succeed."

Cole Jancsar
Head of DropShop and Solvecore inc.

For a limited time only join DropShop and get access to unlimited functionality as we grow our userbase and continue to expand our product's abilities. This offer will not be available forever. We are extending it to the first 100 users to enroll with us only, so get in touch with us today to see if DropShop is right for you!

Our Pricing Plans

Get the edge on your competition by boosting your order capacity. Sign up to DropShop today!


$ N/A/mo
  • Entry level pricing
  • Limited DropShop Use
  • Unlimited Suppliers
  • Unlimited Order Exports
  • Unlimited Export Formats
  • Unlimited DropShop Use

After first 100 enrollments, plans will increase, 

and founders plan will no longer be available.


$ N/A/mo
  • Pro level pricing
  • Unlimited DropShop Use

Ready to get started?

Become a DropShop user today by installing the app and setting up your suppliers through the Shopify admin. Need help? Just reach out to us through our support or contact pages.

or Check our FAQ.

DropShop FAQ

DropShop is an app for the Shopify e-commerce platform specially designed to enable store owners to quickly manage and send bulk orders to their suppliers, then receive tracking information in return. It is embedded within Shopify for an optimal user experience. To start using it, install it on your store and follow the instructions! It comes with a 14 day trial.

We would encourage you to continue to build relationships with the existing suppliers that you currently use and trust. Just starting out? That is OK too! Place a few single item orders with a supplier on sites like AliExpress, Ebay, or Etsy, until you have a good mutual business relationship, then begin negotations with them by email or chat to process bulk files. Need more information? Just let us know.

Key benefits from bulk ordering systems:
1. Less time spent placing single orders   2. Consolidation of export and tracking import apps   3. Increased visibility to bulk order status (less digging through email history)   4. Cost-savings from reduction of need to hire VAs to manage single orders

Suppliers and products are managed in part through familiar interfaces built into the Shopify admin, and also through new extensions within the DropShop app interface. Products can be assigned to a supplier item-by-item, or in bulk actions.

Presently DropShop is capable of exporting .csv (in ASCII or UTF-8 encoding), .xls, and .xlsx. We are capable of exporting over 40 Shopify line items fields and custom fields. If you require a special field, you can always let us know and we will do what we can to make it happen for you.


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